Shocked – Using This Diesel Heater In My Workshop

Vevor Diesel Heater:
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I was amazed by the amount of heat this Vevor 5kw Diesel Heater gives out. It is an ideal replacement to the gas heater I was using and a lot safer too. #vevor #vevorheater
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  1. I have two of these they do have issues long term.
    1 carbon build up on heater glow plug theres a small air hole that carbons up and they fail to light.
    2 they draw 8amps to start up so a battery can soon run flat if you set it to auto temp as it turns on and off
    3 is the fuel pump fail on a regular basis if there outside

    The fuel filter needs to before the pump and not after it not the filter that comes with the heater is any good as the filter medium is too course to be any good.
    Reason for pump failure is a two part issue
    1 the filter allows dirt from fuel tank to jam pump
    2 is water caused by condensation in the fuel tank

    The pump rots out inside normally to return spring in the pump rots and pump stops working.

    I carry two spare pumps and two spare glow plug kits make sure you get the kit with the glow plug tool or you’ll be stuck when you have to remove glow plug to change wire gauze around glow plug and make sure to clear the air hole in glow plug assembly.

    The smoke you see on first start up is normal it’s just packing oil burning off once it’s been used it should not smoke unless it has an issue.

    As a heater there good value but they do need to be serviced every year if you use them a lot.
    I have one in my greenhouse 8kw and one in my mobile home 8kw also they use a tank a week if there on low day and night

  2. I run one of these with the heater inside and through the wall used some longer studs after half an hour it turns itself down when temp is reached only burns a couple of litres of heating oil a day

  3. A friend of mine , here in New Zealand just fitted one of these heaters in a 55ft long house bus, its amazing, we ran the duct to the original ventilation duct, so it heats the whole bus, in under 20 mins, it had warmed the it up to 35 degrees, they are economical as well.
    I dont how much you paid, but it was NZ$ 200, about 100 pounds Sterling, it came from a Chinese website on the web.
    Good video mate.

  4. I dread buying Chinesium items. The patent expiring on all of those ridiculous prices on Webasto and others is one of the best things to happen to van campers. I have had mine for about three years and during Colorado winters it sometimes runs day and night for several days at a time. Only break down was a glow plug which is easily replaced for a fair price.

  5. An option that would work and would remove the battery, would be a 12v power supply. Similar to what is used to drop 240v to 12v for LED lights. Or as others have mentioned fitting a Solar panel and it's Controller and a Leisure battery. For simplicity I myself would go with the power supply as it will take up less room than fitting the Solar Control panel and Battery. I have just built a small Garden Room for the wife running it of a solar system so I didn't have to run a load of Armed cable and fit a new consumer unit just to add power to it. I was going to put in a small Log burner, but the prices have shot through the roof and It looks like we are going to be moving in a few years. Every time I build a Shed or Garden Room it normally means the Wife wants to move.

  6. You probably want to put the air supply into the room low down as the warm air will naturally rise and you want to limit stratification.

  7. If energy prices are a challenge that one think will only rise and raise to the sky, then insulating the building is probably a better way forward, start with the ceiling, then doors and windows, walls and floor.

  8. Brilliant clip, very informative and explained.
    I fitted a 5kw 18 months ago this been my 2nd winter.
    Iv a 5/3mtr wooden shed insolated, I found that even this large shed I run it on lowest setting.
    Last winter it was 22c in shed and -5 outside with frost on roof.
    I fitted mine inside….only pipe going out is the exhaust.
    Only thing I did in cold weather was ever 24hrs of continues use was run it flat out for 15mins to burn any deposits off.

  9. I fitted one of these a couple of years ago heating my garage to keep the cold and condensation of the bikes and, very toasty in the winter when tinkering with them, great pieces of kit, rather than use a car battery get a regulated 12v power supply a lot easier.

  10. Bought one of these heaters for my shed about two years ago.
    Very easy to set up , cheap to run, and really does " what it says on the tin", my problem came when I had to move it to another part of the shed. Because the exhaust had already been assembled , it was easier to drill another hole in the wall and pass it through from the out side ,then re fit it to the heater,
    Anyway, long story short , I did this , but because it was getting late , I decided to finish the job next day.
    However I never did!
    My fault , not blaming anyone , totally down to me,
    So , for the next couple of weeks I was running a small perfectly heated gas chamber.
    Starting with headaches , dizzy spells ,
    and ending with a massive fit in my sleep, and being blue lighted to A and E,
    Now I'm being treated for epilepsy .
    Anyway just a heads up.

  11. I have one of these in my garage martin but its a complete unit as in I can carry it like a suitcase but why I'm texting is you need a 240v to 12v transformer off ebay for about £20 then it will run off the mains. But the main reason I'm writing is that the old oil i get from serving my cars i filter through a paint strainer and mix it 30/70 with diesel. 70% diesel. And it runs perfect. Not sure if you could maybe even go 50/50

  12. Odd you chose diesel fueled heater. Here in the USA diesel cost a heck of a lot more than gas. I have a K1 kerosene shop heater, but haven't even got it out of the box in the last three winters… Let us know how well you like this new heater over winter… Thumbs Up!

  13. I am fortunate enough to have a basement in my house. I have one of these heaters in the basement, with the output fed into a network of ducting that puts the hot air through the floors into the rooms downstairs. Exhaust goes outside, and the main air intake has some ducting that pulls the air across a joiner sleeve in the outlet ducting to pre heat. I have a egr cooler from a Mercedes and that scavenging from the exhaust producing hot water for another heat exchanger in a smaller room we have. I have a 3 port valve in the fuel feed that allows me to start the heater on diesel, once hot I switch over to anything I can find, waste veg oil with a bit of petrol or diesel mixed in, will produce great heat and burn indefinitely so long as you start on derv first and get it nice and hot before switching over. A few minutes before shutting down I switch back to diesel so it's primed and ready for an easy start next time. Brilliant units.

  14. Great video. They run better if you have the unit inside. They re-circulate the air and heat up the area quickly. If you have a unit outside it will be heating cold air. They are designed to be inside and vented to the outside. We have them inside all our fleet vans. Keeps the van warm in winter and drys clothes when it’s always raining.

  15. so many of the videos I see people put them out side but why, it circulates the air in side warming it up so you dont lose heat, when out side its always pulling cold air btw these are cab heaters used in trucks and just bolt to the floor

  16. I have 3 of these in my static caravan.
    I improved the heat from the one in the living room by connecting it to 2 x 1 metre lengths of 75mm stainless steel pipe I had knocking around.
    I joined the first section to the heater then added a T peice then the second section and another T peice with the end blocked off.
    So now not only do I have a blown heater with two outlets but it also works as a radiator too.
    The increase in heat was amazing.

  17. I've used one for 2 years and although I cant say it's had the workshop hot its certainly took the cold edge off ….with it being remote I turn it on ….have my breakfast and by the time I'm in its pretty reasonable. Mine couid do with a longer tube to deliver the air and some ports to direct it day at feet and body …..rather than into work shop ….but for the cost it's a good heat source

  18. Quite sad that even with fuel prices being as bad as they are that a 5KW diesel heater is cheaper than electric. Running this thing on a bio fuel would not only be green but also save you a fortune, that's if it works

  19. Ive been using one of these in my workshop for the last six years no problems at all and i use a power supply 25amp not a battery which i got on ebay plus i have shut mine down loads of times with out down cycling never had a problem the only thing i have done is changed the controller to the blue one and my fuel tank is a 20 ltr one you get when you buy red diesel you can either use diesel or kerosene but diesel does have more BTUs mine is mouted in my outside shed and my controller is in my workshop been running it for six years with no problems not even serviced it ive taken it apart and there is no issues inside

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