Next shipment of PIF exports ready

Pre-orders are being accepted for the next shipment to the EU under the Pet Industry Federation’s (PIF) export program.

To participate in the January shipment, a confirmed reservation is required by Friday, January 13th. The pallets will then be dispatched to the EU within the week commencing Monday 23rd January, subject to EU BCP authorization.

The PIF export scheme enables manufacturers and suppliers to export products containing animal protein to the EU in a cost-effective and efficient manner by consolidating pallet orders to dispatch from the dhl warehouse in Suffolk and through the dhl network across the EU In the single goods distributed. The scheme provides a single veterinary certificate for the entire load, provided the goods fall under a similar commodity code and the necessary fiscal representation is managed in the Netherlands.

For more details on PIF’s export plans, and to view delivery dates for the first half of 2023, click here.


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