DHL Global Forwarding and Air France KLM Martinair Cargo further expand sustainability partnership

On Friday, November 18, at the Holland America Foundation’s (NAF) prestigious annual ball in New York, Air France KLM Martinair Cargo (AFKLMP Cargo) presented dhl Global Forwarding with its Sustainability Award. The award, received by Tim Robertson, Americas CEO of dhl Global Forwarding, is not only recognition of the partnership between AFKLMP Cargo and dhl, but also recognition of dhl Global Forwarding’s sustainable leadership in logistics important recognition of status.

Earlier this year, dhl Global Forwarding and Air France KLM Martinair Cargo announced a groundbreaking agreement under which dhl will purchase 33 million liters of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from AFKLMP Cargo between 2022 and 2024.

The parties have now agreed to further strengthen this partnership by broadening the focus on SAF to include the co-development of other sustainability initiatives. Both parties have valuable knowledge and expertise. Joining forces in this way allows them to create synergies that will allow decisive action to improve the sustainability of the air cargo chain logistics.

In 2020, Air France-KLM Martinair Cargo became the first air cargo company to launch a fully customer-oriented Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) program. More than 40 companies from around the world have now joined the program.

In October, AFKLMP Cargo launched another novel goSAF option, allowing customers to reduce their carbon footprint with each cargo booked by investing directly in SAF. This new feature in the AFKLMP myCargo booking portal appears to be well received. In the first week of rolling out the feature alone, more than 1,000 bookings had SAF contributions added.

Air France-KLM Sustainability Commitment

In October 2021, Air France-KLM committed to validating its decarbonization trajectory through the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), ensuring that its targets are in line with the 2015 Paris Agreement to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Air France-KLM Group’s decarbonization trajectory includes an ambitious plan to renew the group’s fleet with next-generation aircraft that will reduce CO2 emissions by 20%-25%.

Seeking greater operational efficiencies, supporting more direct routes and applying procedures to limit fuel consumption (lighter aircraft, single-engine taxiing, continuous descents) are all part of AFKL’s sustainability efforts. Air France and KLM have set themselves the goal of becoming carbon neutral in their ground operations by 2030.

In addition, Air France-KLM is mobilizing the entire industry to develop innovative solutions for aircraft design, maintenance, engines and synthetic fuels to gradually realize carbon-free aviation.

Deutsche Post dhl Group Sustainability Commitment

dhl Global Forwarding, a division of the Deutsche Post dhl Group, is committed to achieving net zero transport-related emissions by 2050. In pursuit of this mission, dhl recently launched the GoGreen Plus service. Following the embedded approach, emissions are reduced by replacing the required amount of traditional fossil fuels with sustainable fuels. Customers can easily pick and choose which parts of their supply chain they want to truly decarbonise. GoGreen Plus services can be easily added when booking online, e.g. for air freight via the myDHLi customer portal. The launch of Deutsche Post dhl Group’s decarbonisation range of GoGreen Plus services is an important milestone in making the global logistics industry greener and more sustainable.

In addition, dhl evaluates its partners’ sustainability efforts through the GoGreen carrier assessment program, which prioritizes carriers with strong environmental performance. Air France KLM Martinair is one of the main carriers for dhl Global Forwarding and has been one of GoGreen’s top three carriers for many years.


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