DHL Express increases hourly rates at Cincinnati hub by double digits

dhl Express, the international air express unit of German transportation and logistics giant Deutsche Post dhl, said Tuesday it has raised wages by 15% to 18% for hourly workers at its main U.S. hub at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.

dhl Express said in a statement that the increase means hourly hub operations agents, for example, will earn a starting salary of between $20 and $23 an hour, dhl Express said in a statement. Adjustments start at the weekend.

Hourly workers also receive a $1,000 start-up bonus, two annual raises, wellness benefits at an on-site medical clinic, free employee meals and a choice of work schedules, the company said.

The company declined to comment on how many hourly workers the center employs. A report released in 2021 said the center employs about 4,500 workers. However, the report did not break down the number of hourly and non-hourly workers.

Since ending US domestic operations in January 2009, dhl Express has been using the US market as a node to connect to its vast global network serving approximately 220 countries and regions.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the seasonally adjusted total compensation of transportation and warehousing workers rose 6.2% in June from the same period in June 2021.


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